MEGAN5 Download Page

This is the official download site for MEGAN5. Please send feed back to Daniel Huson on any problems that you encounter.

Note that MEGAN4 licenses will not work for MEGAN5.

A license for academic use of MEGAN5 is available here.
Non-academic users please contact Daniel Huson for a commercial license or a trial license.

Program installers:

MEGAN_macos_5_6_3.dmg (64-bit, MacOS X)
MEGAN_windows_5_6_3.exe (32-bit, Windows)
MEGAN_windows-x64_5_6_3.exe (64-bit, Windows) (64-bit, Linux, Unix)

Release notes

Auxiliary mapping files for taxon analysis:

If the BLAST or other comparison files do not contain taxon names, but do contain GI numbers, then load one of the following mapping files to allow MEGAN to determine taxon names. The file has to be unzipped before it can be used:
(These are processed versions of the files "gi_taxid_nucl.dmp.gz" and "gi_taxid_prot.dmp.gz" that are available from NCBI. The unprocessed NCBI files will not work with MEGAN. These files were downloaded from NCBI and processed on 19-September-2013.)

Auxiliary mapping files for KEGG analysis:

MEGAN uses a built-in RefSeq to KEGG mapping to determine the KO number of a given gene. If the BLAST or comparison files do not contain RefSeq identifiers, but do contain GI numbers, then load the following mapping file to allow MEGAN to determine KEGG KO groups: