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Publications from the Huson lab, sorted by year and author.


Arumugam, K, Bagci, C, Bessarab, I, Beier, S, Buchfink, B, Gorska, A, Qiu, G, Huson, DH, and Williams, RB (2019).
Annotated bacterial chromosomes from frame-shift-corrected long read metagenomic data
Microbiome, 7(61).


Górska, A, Peter, S, Willmann, M, Autenrieth, I, Schlaberg, R, and Huson, D (2018).
Dynamics of the human gut phageome during antibiotic treatment
Computational Biology and Chemistry.

Huson, D, Albrecht, B, Bagci, C, Bessarab, I, Gorska, A, Jolic, D, and Williams, RB (2018).
MEGAN-LR: New algorithms allow accurate binning and easy interactive exploration of metagenomic long reads and contigs
Biology Direct, 13(6).

Lange, A, Beier, S, Huson, DH, Parusel, R, Iglauer, F, and Frick, J (2018).
Genome Sequence of Galleria mellonella (Greater Wax Moth).
Genome Announc, 6(2).

Vågene, AJ, Herbig, A, Campana, MG, Robles Garcia, NM, Warinner, C, Sabin, S, Spyrou, MA, Andrades Valtueña, A, Huson, D, Tuross, N, Bos, KI, and Krause, J (2018).
Salmonella enterica genomes from victims of a major sixteenth-century epidemic in Mexico
Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2(3):520–528.


Beier, S, Tappu, R, and Huson, DH (2017).
Functional Analysis in Metagenomics Using MEGAN 6
In: Functional metagenomics: tools and applications, ed. by TC. Charles and Mark R. Liles and Angela Sessitsch. Springer, chap. 4, pp. 65-74.

Harter, J, El-Hadidi, M, Huson, DH, Kappler, A, and Behrens, S (2017).
Soil biochar amendment affects the diversity of nosZ transcripts: Implications for N2O formation
Scientific Reports, 7(1):3338.

Huson, DH, Tappu, R, Bazinet, AL, Xie, C, Cummings, MP, Nieselt, K, and Williams, RB (2017).
Fast and simple protein-alignment-guided assembly of orthologous gene families from microbiome sequencing reads
Microbiome, 20175:11.

Weyrich, LS, Duchene, S, Soubrier, J, Arriola, L, Llamas, B, Breen, J, Morris, AG, Alt, KW, Caramelli, D, Dresely, V, Farrell, M, Farrer, AG, Francken, M, Gully, N, Haak, W, Hardy, K, Harvati, K, Held, P, Holmes, EC, Kaidonis, J, Lalueza-Fox, C, de la Rasilla, M, Rosas, A, Semal, P, Soltysiak, A, Townsend, G, Usai, D, Wahl, J, Huson, DH, Dobney, K, and Cooper, A (2017).
Neanderthal behaviour, diet, and disease inferred from ancient DNA in dental calculus
Nature, 544(7650):357-361.


Andersen, K, Kesper, MS, Marschner, JA, Konrad, L, Ryu, M, Kumar Vr, S, Kulkarni, OP, Mulay, SR, Romoli, S, Demleitner, J, and others (2016).
Intestinal dysbiosis, barrier dysfunction, and bacterial translocation account for CKD-related systemic inflammation
J Am Soc Nephrol.

Beier, S, Gorska, A, Grupp, P, Harbig, TA, Flade, I, and Huson, DH (2016).
Bioinformatics support for the Tubiom community gut microbiome project
PeerJ Preprints, 4:e2382v1.

Brugiroux, S, Beutler, M, Pfann, C, Garzetti, D, Ruscheweyh, H, Ring, D, Diehl, M, Herp, S, Lötscher, Y, Hussain, S, Bunk, B, Pukall, R, Huson, DH, Münch, PC, McHardy, AC, McCoy, KD, Macpherson, AJ, Loy, A, Clavel, T, Berry, D, and Stecher, B (2016).
Genome-guided design of a defined mouse microbiota that confers colonization resistance against Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium
Nature Microbiology, 2:16215.

Harter, J, Weigold, P, El-Hadidi, M, Huson, DH, Kappler, A, and Behrens, S (2016).
Soil biochar amendment shapes the composition of N 2 O-reducing microbial communities
Science of The Total Environment, 562:379–390.

Huson, D and Linz, S (2016).
Autumn algorithm - Computation of Hybridization Networks on Realistic Phylogenetic Trees
Transactions in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

Huson, D, Beier, S, Flade, I, Gorska, A, El-Hadidi, M, Mitra, S, Ruscheweyh, H, and Rewati Tappu, D (2016).
MEGAN Community Edition - Interactive exploration and analysis of large-scale microbiome sequencing data
PLoS Computational Biology, 12(6):e1004957.

Huson, DH, Steel, M, El-Hadidi, M, Mitra, S, Peter, S, and Willmann, M (2016).
A simple statistical test of taxonomic or functional homogeneity using replicated microbiome sequencing samples
Journal of Biotechnology, In press.

Lange, A, Beier, S, Steimle, A, Autenrieth, IB, Huson, DH, and Frick, J (2016).
Extensive Mobilome-Driven Genome Diversification in Mouse Gut-Associated Bacteroides vulgatus mpk
Genome Biology and Evolution, 8(4):1197–1207.

Louis, S, Tappu, RM, Damms-Machado, A, Huson, DH, and Bischoff, SC (2016).
Characterization of the gut microbial community of obese patients following a weight-loss intervention using whole metagenome shotgun sequencing
PLoS ONE(2):1–18.

Talens-Perales, D, Górska, A, Huson, DH, Polaina, J, and Marín-Navarro, J (2016).
Analysis of Domain Architecture and Phylogenetics of Family 2 Glycoside Hydrolases (GH2)
PLOS ONE, 11(12):1-17.

Weigold, P, El-Hadidi, M, Ruecker, A, Huson, DH, Scholten, T, Jochmann, M, Kappler, A, and Behrens, S (2016).
A metagenomic-based survey of microbial (de) halogenation potential in a German forest soil
Scientific Reports, 6.

Xie, C, Goi, CL, Huson, DH, Little, PF, and Williams, RB (2016).
RiboTagger: fast and unbiased 16S/18S profiling using whole community shotgun metagenomic or metatranscriptome surveys
BMC Bioinformatics, 17(19):277–282.


Buchfink, B, Xie, C, and Huson, DH (2015).
Fast and Sensitive Protein Alignment using DIAMOND
Nature Methods, 12:59-60.

Damms-Machado, A, Mitra, S, Schollenberger, AE, Kramer, KM, Meile, T, Koenigsrainer, A, Huson, DH, and Bischoff, SC (2015).
Effects of surgical and dietary weight loss therapy for obesity on gut microbiota composition and nutrient absorption
BioMed Research International, 2015.

Huson, DH (2015).
MEtaGenome ANalyzer (MEGAN): Metagenomic Expert Resource
In: Encyclopedia of Metagenomics, pp. 383–389, Springer US.

Willmann, M, El-Hadidi, M, Huson, DH, Schuetz, M, Weidenmaier, C, Autenrieth, IB, and Peter, S (2015).
Antibiotic selection pressure determination through sequence-based metagenomics
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

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