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Publications from the Huson lab, sorted by year and author.


Friedrichs, OD and Huson, D (2000).
Four-regular vertex-transitive space tilings
J. Discrete and Computational Geometry, 24:279–292.

Huson, DH, Nettles, S, Rice, K, and Warnow, T (2000).
Hybrid tree reconstruction methods
ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics, 4:5.

Lockhart, PJ, Steel, MA, and Huson, D (2000).
Invariable site models and their uses in phylogeny reconstruction.
Syst. Biol., 49(2):225–232.


Friedrichs, OD and Huson, D (1999).
Tiling Space By Platonic Solids I.
Discrete and Computational Geometry, 21:299-315.

Friedrichs, OD, Dress, A, Huson, D, Klinowski, J, and Mackay, A (1999).
Systematic Enumeration of Crystalline Nets
Nature, 400:644–647.

Huson, DH, Nettles, S, and Warnow, T (1999).
Obtaining Highly Accurate Topology Estimates of Evolutionary Trees From Very Short Sequences
In: , pp. 198-207.

Huson, DH, Vawter, L, and Warnow, TJ (1999).
Solving large scale phylogenetic problems using DCM
Proceedings of ISMB'99.


Dress, A, Dolbilin, N, and Huson, D (1998).
Two Finiteness Theorems for Periodic Tilings of d-Dimensional Euclidean Space
Discrete and Computational Geometry, 20:143-153.

Friedrichs, OD and Huson, D (1998).
A Combinatorial Theory of Tilings
In: Vorono√Į's Impact on Modern Science. Book II., ed. by P. Engel and H. Syta, pp. 85–95, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Institute of Mathematics.

Huson, DH (1998).
SplitsTree: analyzing and visualizing evolutionary data
Bioinformatics, 14(10):68-73.

Huson, DH, Nettles, S, Parida, L, Warnow, T, and Yooseph, S (1998).
The Disk-Covering Method for Tree Reconstruction
In: Proceedings of ``Algorithms and Experiments'' (ALEX98), Trento, pp. 62-75.

Huson, DH, Nettles, S, Rice, K, Wanow, T, and Yooseph, S (1998).
Hybrid Tree Reconstruction Methods
In: Proceedings of the ``Workshop on Algorithm Engineering'', Saarbr\"ucken, pp. 179-192.

Lockhart, PJ, Steel, MA, Barbrook, AC, Charleston, DH, A., M, and Howe, CJ (1998).
A covariotide model explains apparent phylogenetic structure of oxygenic photosynthetic lineages
Molecular Biology and Evolution, 15(9):1183-1188.


Dolbilin, N and Huson, D (1997).
Periodic Delone Tilings
Per. Math. Hung., 34(1-2):57–64.

Friedrichs, OD and Huson, D (1997).
Orbifold Triangulations and Crystallographic Groups
Per. Math. Hung., 34(1-2):29–55.

Huson, D (1997).
Visualization of Periodic Tilings
In: Visualization and Mathematics, ed. by Hans-Christian Hege and Konrad Polthier, pp. 135–139, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg.


Balke, L and Huson, D (1996).
Two-Dimensional Groups, Orbifolds and Tilings
Geometriae Dedicata, 60:89–106.

Friedrichs, OD, Dress, A, and Huson, D (1996).
Discrete Geometry Approaches to Molecular Topology: Theory,Software and Visualization
In: Tailor-made Silicon-Oxygen Compounds: From Molecules toMaterials, ed. by R. Corriu and P. Jutzi, pp. 317–328, Vieweg.

Huson, D (1996).
Ribbon Tilings From Spherical Ones
Geometriae Dedicata, 63:147–152.


Friedrichs, OD, Dress, A, and Huson, D (1995).
An Algorithmic Approach to Tilings
In: Combinatorics Advances, ed. by C.J. Colbourn and E.S. Mahmoodian, pp. 111–119, Kluwer.

Friedrichs, OD, Dress, A, and Huson, D (1995).
Tilings and Symbols - A Report on the uses of Symbolic Calculation in tiling theory
In: Computer Algebra in Science and Engineering, pp. 273–286, World Scientific.


Dress, A, Huson, D, and M\"uller, A (1994).
Symmetrie und Topologie von Riesenmolek\"ulen, supramolekularen Clustern und Kristallen
In: Muster des Lebendigen, Vieweg, Braunschweig Wiesbaden.

Huson, D (1994).
A Four-Color Theorem for Periodic Tilings
Geometriae Dedicata, 51:47–61.


Dress, A, Huson, D, and Moln\'ar, E (1993).
The Classification of Face-Transitive 3D-Tilings
Acta Crystallographica, A49:806–817.

Friedrichs, OD and Huson, D (1993).
Examples of tilings produced by the program RepTiles
In: Spektrum der Wissenschaft, pp. 96–97.

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