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Publications from the Huson lab, sorted by year and author.


Huson, D (1993).
RepTiles: Ein mathematisch fundiertes Computerprogrammzur Erzeugung von Pflasterungen
In: Pressedienst Forschung, ed. by V. Reiss, pp. 1–4, Bielefeld University.

Huson, D (1993).
Tile-Transitive Partial Tilings of the Plane
Contributions to Algebra and Geometry, 34(1):87–118.

Huson, D (1993).
The Generation and Classification of Tile-$k$-Transitive Tilings of the Euclidean Plane, the Sphere and the Hyperbolic Plane
Geometriae Dedicata, 47:269–296.


Franz, R and Huson, D (1992).
The Classification of Quasi-Regular Polyhedra of Genus 2
Discrete and Computational Geometry, 7:347–357.

Friedrichs, OD, Huson, D, and Zamorzaeva, E (1992).
The Classification of 2-Isohedral Tilings of the Plane
Geometriae Dedicata, 42:43–117.

Huson, D (1992).
Crystals, Tilings and Delaney-Dress symbols
In: Annual Report ZiF: 90/91, pp. 45–51, ZiF, Bielefeld University, Germany.


Dress, A and Huson, D (1991).
Heaven and Hell Tilings
Revue Topologie Structurale, 17:25–42.


Huson, D (1990).
Patches, Stripes and Net-Like Tilings
PhD thesis, Bielefeld University.


Dress, A and Huson, D (1987).
On Tilings of the Plane
Geometriae Dedicata, 24:295–310.


Huson, D (1986).
Die Klassifikation 2-isohedraler Pflasterungen der euklidischen Ebene
Diploma thesis, Bielefeld University.