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TüBIT 2018

Tübingen Bioinformatics PhD Day 2018

TüBIT 2018

TüBIT is the annual "Tübingener Bioinformatik Tag", a day devoted to the Bioinformatics research in Tübingen that is undertaken by PhD students. There are more than 40 students in Tübingen enrolled in our Bioinformatics PhD program, working in 5-10 different research groups. The TüBIT provides them with the opportunity to present their work either as posters or in a presentation, and also to learn about the work going on in other groups.

When and where: Friday, 15th June, in A301 and A104, Sand 14, 72076 Tübingen.


 9:00-9:10 Welcome  A301
9:10-10:00 Bioinformatics research in Tübingen A301
10:00-10:25 Talk 1 A301
10:25-10:50 Talk 2 A301
10:50-11:15 Coffee A104
 11:15-11:40 Talk 3 A301
11:40-12:05 Talk 4 A301
12:05-12:30 Talk 5 A301
12:30-14:00  Lunch and posters A104
14:00-14:50 Key note: Nora Toussaint A301
 14:50-15:15  Talk 6 A301
 15:15-15:45  Coffee and posters A104
15:45-15:10  Talk 7 A301
15:10-16:35  Talk 8 A301
16:35-17:00  Talk 9 A301
17:00 Closing remarks A301
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