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Software developed by the "Algorithms in Bioinformatics" lab.

Actively supported tools

  • CrossClassify: Mapping between different taxonomic classifications

  • Dendroscope: An interactive viewer for large phylogenetic trees

  • DIAMOND: Fast and sensitive protein alignment (20,000x BLASTX)
  • MEGAN6: Interactive exploration and analysis of large-scale microbiome sequencing data
  • MEGANServer: MEGANServer - Server backend for MEGAN 6 files
  • MALT: MEGAN alignment tool (under development)
  • Metasim: Sequencing simulator for genomes and metagenomes

  • SplitsTree4: Phylogenetic trees and networks

Still supported tools

  • MEGAN5Metagenome analysis. Current version of MEGAN software

Unsupported tools

  • CrossLink: Sequence relationships between (micro) RNAs
  • Darwin Rocks! Evolution of music
  • LOCAS: Low-coverage short-read assembler
  • MEGAN4: Old version of MEGAN software
  • microHARVESTER: microRNA predictor

  • NRPSpredictor: Specificity Prediction of Adenylation domains in NRPS

  • OSLay: Optimal Syntenic layout of unfinished assemblies

  • PAT: Protein alignment tool
  • PAUDA: Poor man's BLASTX
  • ReadSim: Sequencing simulator
  • SplitsTree3.2: Old version of SplitsTree

  • 2dTiler: Periodic tilings of the plane, sphere and hyperbolic plane

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