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Crosslink Online Version

CrossLink is usable over the web in two different ways: via Java Web Start and as a Java Applet. In both cases, your browser transparently downloads and starts a CrossLink client which provides the graphical user interface. This client talks to a CrossLink server (hosted in Tuebingen) which performs all computational work. We strongly recommend to take advantage of Java Web Start since this technology is far superior to that of applets. In particular, you will have more control, there are less sources for incompatibilities and download times on repeated use will be significantly faster. Note, that if applets run on your system then Java Web Start will, too, and there is a high chance that it's already installed. Like applets, Java Web Start applications are started by a click in your web browser. To use any online version of CrossLink, you will need to have a Java Runtime (v1.4.2 or better) installed on your system. Otherwise, you can download a Java Runtime free of charge for all major operating systems here or here.

If you have never used Java Web Start before we suggest to read the 5-minute Java Web Start Guide we have compiled for CrossLink users.

If you opt for the applet version, be sure that your settings allow the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to allocate at least 50 MB of memory.

Finally, note that the online version of CrossLink poses an upper limit on each input fasta file to keep server load and network traffic manageable. The local version of CrossLink allows arbitrary file sizes.

But now, click any of these CrossLink versions to start and have fun:

Our server currently uses the following software versions: NCBI BLAST (version 2.2.11), Vmatch (version 1.9) and RNAhybrid (version as of February 2006).

In the unlikely event that you experience any problems, we suggest to check the Java Web Start Guide and the CrossLink User Manual first. If the problem persists please drop me a quick email. If available, include log files of the failed run.

Please note that use of CrossLink is subject to these terms and conditions: CrossLink license

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