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Community vs Ultimate

Comparison of community and ultimate editions of MEGAN6

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As of version 6.0, MEGAN is provided in two editions:
  • Community Edition: Free software (GPL license). Contains all features required to perform analysis of microbiome samples. Support is provided through the MEGAN6 community webpage.
  • Ultimate Edition: This is built on top of the community edition and provides a number of extra features, such as additional analyzers and charts. In addition, the Ultimate Edition provides a command-line interface and a set of command-line tools to customize classification schemes and mapping files used by the program. Support is provided by the MEGAN6 community webpage and email. License revenues are used to support development of MEGAN.
MEGAN6 Community Edition is the perfect choice for those working on straightforward projects. It addresses the requirements of a academic user.
The Ultimate Edition extends the Community Edition so as to address more sophisticated projects. It addresses the requirements of a professional user. New analysis techniques are first released in this Edition and later released in the Community Edition. The Ultimate Edition provides a set of command-line tools that allow one to customize and update classifications and mapping used by MEGAN. The Ultimate Edition contains additional chart and other analysis tools. It allows integration of the latest KEGG classification and pathways for users that have a current KEGG ftp license. Users are supported by email.

Community Edition Ultimate Edition
KEGG (2011)
All + additional

Bar, pie, line, stacked, word clouds,
radial space filling trees
All +
Additional, such as attribute correlation plot.
Command-line tools:

NCBI taxonomy tools
InterPro2GO tools
eggNOG tools
KEGG tools
SEED tools
Silva tools

Can use latest KEGG classification and pathways
(KEGG ftp license required)
Bug fixes 

Bug fixes and new features 
MEGAN Community page 

MEGAN Community page + email support 

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