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MEGAN6 features

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Megan6 Features

MEGAN is the most easy to use, comprehensive microbiome analysis tool available. It can be used for analyzing metagenome data, metatranscriptome data, amplicon data and data from other sources. Installation of the software takes only a few seconds to complete. 
The Community Edition of MEGAN6 is free software (GPL license). It is contains all features required to perform analysis of microbiome samples. Support is provided through the MEGAN6 community webpage. 
The Ultimate Edition (UE) is built on top of the free edition and provides a number of extra features. In addition, the Ultimate Edition provides a command-line interface and a set of command-line tools to customize classification schemes and mapping files used by the program. Support is provided by the MEGAN6 community webpage and email.
Main features of the software include:
  • Fully integrated single program, no compatibility issues
  • Runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
  • Taxonomic analysis using the NCBI taxonomy (or user-supplied alternative taxonomies (UE))
  • Functional analysis using InterPro2GO, SEED, eggNOG or KEGG
  • Users in possession of a KEGG license can fully integrate the latest version of KEGG into their working copy of MEGAN (UE)
  • Comparative analysis using numerous different ecological indices, together with PCoA or clustering
  • Mapping of reads to reference sequences, reference-based multiple alignments and reference-guided assembly
  • Suite of supplementary tools for advanced use of the program on a server (UE)
  • Support provided via Community Page and email (UE)
  • Users are able to integrate their own classifications (UE)
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