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What's New

What is new in MEGAN6?

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MEGAN has come a long way since the release of MEGAN1 in 2007 (Huson et al, 2007) and MEGAN4 in 2011 (Huson et al, 2011).
What is new in MEGAN6?
  • Metagenomic projects keep growing larger both in number of samples and in number of reads. We have rewritten much of MEGAN so as to allow you to easily analyze hundreds of samples involving billions of reads.
  • Tight integration with DIAMOND, which is by far the fastest metagenome alignment tool available. Run Meganizer on any DAA file produced by DIAMOND and then you can open it directly in MEGAN
  • MEGAN server. This extension enables one access MEGAN RMA or meganized DAA files that are hosted on a server via the Web, eliminating the need to download files onto a laptop or desktop
  • Sample metadata is fully supported.
  • Two- and three-dimensional PCoA plots, bi-plots and tri-plots
  • Alignment viewer
  • Gene-centric assembler
  • Times series viewer
  • Command line tools to create RMA files on a server
  • Functional analysis using InterPro2GO, SEED, eggNOG and KEGG
  • The application now comes in two editions: a Community Edition (open source) for academic users and an Ultimate Edition for professional users. Licensing fees paid for the Ultimate Edition support further development of the software.
  • MEGAN Community Edition is open source, GPL V3 license, available on GitHub.
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