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Software for computing phylogenetic networks.



Link to BETA version of SplitsTree5 (for testing purposes).

Link to talk given at ISMB18.


SplitsTree4 is the leading application for computing unrooted phylogenetic networks from molecular sequence data. Given an alignment of sequences, a distance matrix or a set of trees, the program will compute a phylogenetic tree or network using methods such as split decomposition, neighbor-net, consensus network, super networks methods or methods for computing hybridization or simple recombination networks.

SplitsTree4 is an all-new implementation of the SplitsTree3 software written in Java. Superficially, this new program is similar to previous versions of this software. However, there are substantial differences. The new program has many new features, see the manual for details.

If you use SplitsTree in work in any way, then please cite the following paper: D. H. Huson and D. Bryant, Application of Phylogenetic Networks in Evolutionary Studies, Mol. Biol. Evol., 23(2):254-267, 2006.

SplitsTree window


Download the latest version of the program here


These installers do not contain a Java RunTime Environment (JRE). Please make sure that you have one installed, version 1.5 (5.0) or higher.


The most current version of the manual is available here.
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