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Bachelor theses

Here is a listing of possible topics for projects. Please come and see us if you want to learn more about the topics. Further suggestions are welcome. Old topics can be found here.


  • Analyse unterschiedlicher Zellpopulationen von und nach Therapie - Can Pinar -  Co-advisor: PD Stella Autenrieth (UKT)
  • Improved taxonomic profiles based on simulated binning - Kim Radke


  • Distinguishing between human and microbial long reads - AVAILABLE, contact: Caner Bacgi
  • Analysis of antimicrobial resistance in microbiome sequencing data - Thomas Zajac
  • Application of MetaCyc in microbiome analysis - Moritz Hahn
  • Classification of phages and visualization -  Jennifer Boedker - contact: Anna Gorska
  • Comparison of different KEGG-based microbiome analysis approaches - Friederike Luedtke


  • Implementation of a Times Series Analyzer - AVAILABLE, contact: Anna Gorska, with Dr. Suparna Mitra
  • Development of a MobileApp/Website for advising proper antibiotics usage - Mario Wassmer  - co-advisor: Anna Gorska
  • Phage identification in metagenomics - David Rau - co-advisor: Anna Gorska
  • Fast computation of consensus splits - Sylvia Siegel - co-advisor: Dr. Benjamin Albrecht
  • Structural variants of Bacteroides vulgatus - Robin Harmenig - co-advisor: Sina Beier & Anna Lange
  • Ecoli assembly - Tanja Hunsinger - co-advisor: Sina Beier
  • NanoChain: An Empirical Nanopore Read Simulator - Dominic Boceck - co-advisor: Dr. Benjamin Albrecht


  • Design and implementation of a web portal for microbiome data - Theresa-Anisja Harbig
  • Analysis of microbiome data in the context of Adipositas - Sanja Köhler - co-advisor: Rewati Tappu
  • Analysis of publicly available 16S human gut microbiome data - Tristan Kast- co-advisor: Sina Beier
  • Deploying bioinformatics tools in the cloud using Docker - Patrick Grupp
  • Steered Molecular Dynamics of 2fdt structure - Timo Lucas - co-advisor: Anna Gorska
  • Influence of Processing on 16S Analysis Data - Arne Weitbrecht - co-advisor: Sina Beier


  • Visualisierung taxonomischer Daten mit Voronoi Trees - Carle Franck, co-advisor: Sina Beier
  • Fast comparison of metagenomic samples - Marc Uwe Engelhardt, co-advisor: Rewati Tappu
  • Functional analysis using BioCyce - Zongze Wu
  • Genes associated with diabetes in the microbiome - Adrian Geißler, co-advisor: Mohamed El Hadidi


  • Comparision of metagenomic DNA, Marc Engelhardt
  • Clouding computing in bioinformatics, Pascal Schwaiger
  • Android app for phylogenetic trees - Quentin Deconchat (student internship, from University of Toulouse III)
  • Hybrid approach to analysis of 16S rRNA data - Kristina Sudeikyte


  • Transskriptomanalyse von Krebszellen, Johannes Tauber, Co-advisor:  Prof. Thomas Iftner



  • Plattform für Next-Gen Transkriptomanalyse-  Co-advisor: Dr. Kay Sohn, Student: Stefan Lorenz
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