Algorithms in Bioinformatics

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Algorithms in Bioinformatics

Welcome to Daniel Huson's Lab

The main focus of our lab is on developing new and advanced algorithms for bioinformatics. Here is a short list of our current main research interests:

  • Phylogenetic networks and trees
  • Metagenome analysis and simulation
  • Genome resequencing and analysis
  • Evolution and ecology
  • Models, algorithms, software and complexity

For more details, see the research section and our list of publications.

Most recent publications:

Weyrich, LS, Duchene, S, Soubrier, J, Arriola, L, Llamas, B, Breen, J, Morris, AG, Alt, KW, Caramelli, D, Dresely, V, Farrell, M, Farrer, AG, Francken, M, Gully, N, Haak, W, Hardy, K, Harvati, K, Held, P, Holmes, EC, Kaidonis, J, Lalueza-Fox, C, de la Rasilla, M, Rosas, A, Semal, P, Soltysiak, A, Townsend, G, Usai, D, Wahl, J, Huson, DH, Dobney, K, and Cooper, A (2017). Neanderthal behaviour, diet, and disease inferred from ancient DNA in dental calculus. Nature, advance online publication.

Huson, DH, Tappu, R, Bazinet, AL, Xie, C, Cummings, MP, Nieselt, K, and Williams, RB (2017). Protein-alignment-guided assembly of orthologous gene families from microbiome sequencing reads. Microbiome, 20175:11.

Recent news:

MEGAN Community Edition: A new Community Edition of MEGAN is available as Open Source (GPL V3 License) here:

MALT paper: We have just posted a manuscript on MALT: bioRxiv doi:

Tuebiom: The Tuebiom website is now up and running: