Algorithms in Bioinformatics

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Algorithms in Bioinformatics

Welcome to Daniel Huson's Lab

The main focus of our lab is on developing new and advanced algorithms for bioinformatics. Here is a short list of our current main research interests:

  • Phylogenetic networks and trees
  • Metagenome analysis and simulation
  • Genome resequencing and analysis
  • Evolution and ecology
  • Models, algorithms, software and complexity

For more details, see the research section and our list of publications.

Most recent publications:

Lange, A, Beier, S, Huson, DH, Parusel, R, Iglauer, F, and Frick, J (2018). Genome Sequence of Galleria mellonella (Greater Wax Moth).. Genome Announc, 6(2).

Beier, S, Tappu, R, and Huson, DH (2017). Functional Analysis in Metagenomics Using MEGAN 6. In: Functional metagenomics: tools and applications, ed. by TC. Charles and Mark R. Liles and Angela Sessitsch. Springer, chap. 4, pp. 65-74.

Recent news:

PLOS Computational Biology Research Prize 2017: "MEGAN Community Edition – Interactive Exploration and Analysis of Large-Scale Microbiome Sequencing Data" won the Exemplary Methods/Software prize 2017 in PLOS Computational Biology.

Best poster award Biovis 2017: Interactive pan genome visualization using variant graphs

MEGAN Community Edition: A new Community Edition of MEGAN is available as Open Source (GPL V3 License) here: